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Who knows low price shopping enough, they start advertising for Emily: "This is Zan Art Department Aizhu Ren, talented ah, I know we police Crouching Tiger, Which, if leaders and comrades willing to write about poetry, prose what , and we must carefully braided hair Aizhu Ren. "[Santa Clarita]

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Zhang Mingliang and Lin Qinglin Ming's body was shipped back to the high barren county, now there is a problem harder, they are leading cadres, have not yet characterized as guilty, but died due to prostitution geisha. So how to open their memorial, eulogy how to write, can not catch that martyrs do? And many other issues, and really let other high barren county leaders screenwriters. We can not say that they are killed on duty, right, that would not openly say that they are prostitutes died from over-indulgence it (although it has spread)! However, later it was opened a memorial service down, but no one two leaders for the eulogy, the two did not buried in the martyrs cemetery, but returned to their hometown hastily buried, but not the death of the scenery at Omori .[Richmond]

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From the time the response Ronggui Look, I poked him to harm. I found that when Su Rong Guiping pleasure becomes a habit, in which half bored one day and all night to increase, just as he had caged birds, and if let him be a few hours, he will not be forced head against a wall would be strange.[Jersey City]


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But he ate, and soon his stomach sharp pain up and was about to call people, but late, unable to pronounce the sound of the throat. Dying, he realized that someone wants to kill the witness. His last effort exhausted, hand scratched his belly.[Saint Paul]

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